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WAGS is a group of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about helping the animals of Waukegan and its surrounding areas.

We are an auxiliary group formed to raise desperately needed donations and supplies for the animals of Waukegan and Waukegan Police Animal Control.

Our aim is to provide assistance with everything from basic medicines and veterinary care to spay/neutering, adoption assistance, and community education.

If you too care deeply about some of our most vulnerable Waukegan residents, and would like to know more about our group, or if you are interested in volunteering, please contact us!

We are not a shelter, or licensed rescue. We are an auxiliary to Waukegan Animal Control Shelter.

FYI, animals at Waukegan Animal Control are held for 4 days stray hold, then they are put up for a licensed Rescue to pull. The Waukegan Animal Control cannot return any animal that has stayed in their facility beyond the 4 day stray hold if a Rescue has already spoken for the animal. The Waukegan Animal Control cannot be legally responsible to an animal's owner beyond the 4 day stray hold.

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